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  • 2011.01 A Resolution Authorizing the Town of Union to Impose a Special Charge Under Wis. Stats. ยง66.0809 Download
  • 2011.03 A Resolution Establishing Voting Wards and Polling Place Location Download
  • 2011.04 A Resolution Adopting an Employee Grievance Procedure Download
  • 2012.01 A Resolution Supporting the 'Wisconsin Citizens Safe Wind Siting Guidelines' Download
  • 2013.01 A Resolution in Support of a Constitutional Amendment for Fair Share for Local Roads Download
  • 2013.xx Resolution for Electors to Exceed the Levy Limits at Special Town Meeting of the Electors Download
  • 2013.xx Resolution of Town Board to Propose Exceeding Levy Limits Download
  • 2017.01 A Resolution of Governing Body Extract of Minutes Download
  • 2017.02 A Resolution of Inclusion Under the Wisconsin Retirement System Download
  • 2018.01 A Resolution Adopting Subcontractor Prequalification Form for Municipal Town Hall-Garage Construction Project Download
  • 2019.01 A Resolution Authorizing an Adjustment to the Municipal Levy Limit for Increases in Charges Assessed by the Brooklyn Fire and EMS Protection District Inc Download
  • 2004.09 Approval of Town of Union Grant Application for the Development of a Comprehensive Plan Download
  • 2004.11 Approval of Formation of Town of Union Smart Growth Committee Download
  • 2004.12 Resolution Authorizing Village Powers Download
  • 2005.01 NSF Check Policy Download