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  • 2010.05 An Ordinance to Create a Town of Union Code of Ordinances Download
  • 2011.02 An Ordinance to Add a Right-to-Farm Disclaimer to Certified Survey Maps and Plats in the Town of Union Download
  • 2011.03 An Ordinance to Impose a Temporary Stay on Construction of Towers and Antennas in the Town of Union Download
  • 2011.05 An Ordinance Changing the Zoning Classification of and Approving the Division of Certain Lands (Tong Property) Download
  • 2012.01 An Ordinance Changing the Zoning Classification of Certain Lands Download
  • 2012.03 An Ordinance to Extend Town Officer Terms in Response to Election Law Changes Download
  • 2014.01 Relating to Hosting Gatherings Involving Underage Possession and Consumption of Alcohol Download
  • 2001.xx Resolution to Participate in the Wisconsin Length of Service Award Program Download
  • 2001.xx Resolution to Vacate Right-of-Way Download
  • 2004.02 Stop Signs and Speed Limits Download
  • 2004.08 Resolution Establishing Bond Schedule for Ordinance Violations Download
  • 2004.xx Resolution Supporting the Memo of Understanding Between the County of Rock and the Town of Union for the Statewide Voter Registration System Download
  • 2005.xx Resolution and Notice to State Historical Society to Destroy Records Download
  • 2006.03 Adoption of Comprehensive Plan Download
  • 2006.05 Adoption of Application Flowcharts for Zoning Changes, Land Divisions, Conditional Use Permits and Variances Download